The adolescent stage is a very exciting phase for any person. This is the stage when period usually starts, development of admiration to the opposite sex, strengthening of friendship bonds and others. Sadly, this is also the most common stage when that first red dot on the face exists. This is pimple or acne.

Having a pimple, acne, or bump can surely be very disturbing. This can make our self-esteem instantly low because we no longer feel good of ourselves.

It is best to remember that when you have acne, it is not advisable to pop it. Proper hygiene, increasing fluid content, eating healthy food and getting enough sleep can definitely help.

The use of mild and gentle skin cleanser can also be beneficial while ensuring to manage oil production on the face. This can be done with the use of face powder, facial wipes and increasing fluid content.

It is indeed frustrating to see a red dot on the face but with the proper lifestyle and facial care, it can be managed and prevented.

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