Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition when the blood pressure is above the normal range. This is the long term force of blood against the person’s arterial walls that becomes high that can, later on, lead to health diseases-conditions.

The blood pressure can be determined by the amount of blood that the heart pumps and its resistance amount to blood flow in the arteries. If the heart is pumped by greater blood, and arteries get narrow, blood pressure will be higher


Sadly, a lot of patients do not feel anything even if their blood pressure reading already reaches dangerously high.

Some may feel shortness of breath, headaches or nose bleeding.

Risk factors

Race. This condition is more common among African heritage.

Age. Men until about 64 are more common to have this disease while women after age 65 are at more risk to high blood pressure.

Family history

Overweight and obesity

Sedentary lifestyle or not physically active

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