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The hair is considered the crowning glory of a person. Women would do several things to their hair to ensure that it is well taken care of. There are different ways to help keep it looking healthy such as daily cleansing. Aside from shampoo, conditioner is also used. The thing is, too much hair treatments can cause damages. It can be split ends or worse, hair fall. With such, it is best to ensure that to help keep the hair at its best; it is advisable to minimize hair treatments with harsh chemicals in it.

Hair fall can lead to hair loss in severe cases. Today, many over the counter medications can be purchased that can work for women and men too. It is because several men also suffer from hair loss. Males suffer from the condition due to DHT loss of hair or androgenetic alopecia. This occurs once the testosterone converts to DHT.

Available treatments range from oral medication, shampoo, hair spray and even gel type of topical treatment.  In addition to the commercialized products, herbal treatments can also be found. These are both widely available in most stores online and even in pharmacies or malls.

  1. August 26, 2016

    My hair doesn’t like daily cleansing, I don’t wash it every day. It’s extremely long so water and harsh shampoos destroy hair follicles. If I wash it too often, it becomes breakable and I get dandruff on my scalp. For healthy hair, it’s beneficial to rinse it with chamomile once in a while and use mild natural shampoos without sulfates and silicones.

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