Oftentimes, people with constipation will say that it is all about pushing. Indeed it is. This is because the stool is quite hard to pass. This is very unhealthy. Pushing is also bad for the body because of the pressure it gives.

When you think that it is hard for you to pass on your stool, it would be best to start doing effective ways to make it softer to pass. Some of the ways are:

* Drinking sufficient water throughout the day

* Being physically active

* Avoiding junk foods

* Eating healthy food options

When all else fails, it may be best to consult a doctor. This way, the problem will be best to be managed. Also, he or she may be asked to undergo a procedure called colonoscopy. This will examine the condition of the colon.

Take into account that it is normal to pass stool every day. This way, all body wastes will be eliminated naturally.

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