The condition called tendinitis involves the irritation or inflammation of the tendons. This part of the body is thick fibrous cords connected to the bone attached to the muscles. If this occurs, there is tenderness and pain outside the joints.

The condition happens in any tendons of the body. Commonly, it can affect the elbows, shoulders, heels, knees, and wrists.

There are some common names where tendinitis can occur like:

– Tennis elbow

– Golfer’s elbow

– Jumper’s knee

– Swimmer’s shoulder

– Pitcher’s shoulder


*Mild swelling


*Pain that can be described as dull, particularly when the affected joint or limb is moved

Risk factors:

Developing this condition includes age, particular work or certain sports.


* Injury

* Certain jobs/hobbies/sports


– Prevent activities that can cause too much stress on the tendons

– Technique improvement when into new sport or new exercise equipment

– Ensure to do stretching prior to any strenuous activity

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  1. July 12, 2019

    Tendons are thick cords that join your muscles to your bones. When tendons become irritated or inflamed, the condition is called tendinitis. Tendinitis causes acute pain and tenderness, making it difficult to move the affected joint. However, ortho experts say that any tendon can develop tendinitis, but you’re more likely to develop it in your shoulder, knee, elbow, heel, or wrist.

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