We all want the best for our children so we often tend to compare them to other kids on the playground. Many parents think that early walking means better coordination or higher intelligence in the future, but research has shown there is no link between these things.

The studies found no link between the age at which the baby starts waking and their performance in the motor and intelligence tests done between the age of seven and 18. To explain, by the time they reach the age of seven, the early walkers aren’t better coordinated nor intelligent than the children who were up on their feet later on.

Most children will walk independently by the time they’re 14 months old, but if they don’t learn to carry their weight on their feet by this time, there’s no need to worry. Children who learn to walk when they’re 16 or 18 months old tend to be perfectly healthy. If the child doesn’t walk by the age of two, check it u with the baby’s doctor.

Source: Science Daily

  1. June 24, 2018

    It can be hard to resist the urge to compare babies who reach major milestones at very different age and to worry when yours is a late bloomer. The bottom line is that the average infant starts toddling at around 12 months, but anywhere from nine to 20 months is possible. Overall, though, this is the time to relax, let your baby progress at his/her own pace, so, relax, keep your camera ready, and prepare for take-off!

  2. November 30, 2018

    It really doesn’t matter when she or he will walk, as long as the child is happy and thriving. Make sure that you give him plenty of support and room to cruise around, and to toddle when the time comes.

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