Eat Healthy and Live Well

Like what the doctors and health care professionals always said, we are what we eat. If we eat unhealthy foods, it will be shown in our waist line. If we eat the good ones, we can live longer while enjoying a fitter and leaner physique.

During bed time, we have the tendency to get hungry. Of course, we cannot just open a box of chocolates or a pack of chips just to satisfy the hunger. By doing such can lead to unhealthy eating habits. Good thing, there is some foods t hat can be eaten without the guilt. These may include:

* Nut butter. This can be eaten on its own or together with celery. Such food items are a good source of dietary fiber, protein, and even the healthy fats. Taking a tablespoon or two is not too bad before bedtime.

* Canned salmon. This can be eaten even on a regular basis. Even though it is canned, you can still have your cravings fixed while consuming protein and healthy fats.

* Oatmeal. This is considered carbohydrates yet it is considered healthy and can be eaten to satisfy the hunger before bed. To add flavor, mix some fruits like banana or even cinnamon.

Those were some of the healthy food options to take in order to keep up a healthy diet even before bed time.

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