healthy eating

Healthy eating is consuming the appropriate classes of food in a manner that is good for the body at the right time and in the right proportion. The factors that determine healthy eating are discussed below.

What to eat

The body requires food in moderate proportion, eating one class of food isn’t good and so is eating all classes of food without being moderate. Healthy eating involves taking food that is needed in high quantities more and taking less food that only a small amount is needed by the body.

When to eat

 The timing of meals also defines healthy eating, it is important that we know when to take certain meals, breakfast, for instance, should be between 7-8 AM, lunch is between 1-2PM while dinner is better at 7PM. While when we eat is important, the quantity and class of food we take at a particular time also qualifies for healthy eating. Breakfast should consist of energy giving food and should more in quantity, lunch should be average in quantity while dinner should be light to enhance better sleep.

  1. March 9, 2016

    Best direction for all of them. I am agree with you that we should to eat all classes food and fruit for getting healthy life. Yes, when we will take food it is also so much important to us. I would not take the food in time. Now i must follow your giving time which is better to me I think. Great post.

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