Cancer of the bone can start in any bone in the body. It starts when the healthy cells of the bone change which can grow beyond control which can lead to a tumor when the mass is formed. The tumor can be classified as benign or cancerous.

The tumor is cancerous if it is malignant which can spread to the other parts of the bone/body as it grows. It can destroy the cortex which can also spread to neighboring tissues.

If the tumor is benign, it can grow but will not spread to other body parts. Yet, it can likely increase to press the nearby tissues, can make the bone weak and can even cause fracture of the bones.

Risk factors:

* Genetics

* Radiation therapy

*Chemotherapy taken for other cancer

* History of benign tumors or other bone issues

Signs and symptoms



*Swelling and stiffness of the joint

*Other less common symptoms like fever, weight loss, anemia


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