A brain or cerebral aneurysm is a condition where there is a weak and bulging part in the arterial wall of an artery that is responsible for supplying blood towards the brain. This is a deadly illness and the sad part is, most of the times, it is asymptomatic or the patient will not feel or see any symptoms at all. Sometimes, it can also cause ruptures of which can release blood in the skull which can lead to stroke.

Once it ruptures, hemorrhage will occur. The severity varies and it can lead to brain damage or worse, death.


The very common cause is heredity due to arterial hardening or atherosclerosis and also due to aging. Other causes are a previous aneurysm, family history, women (gender) are more prone, African Americans (race), smoking and hypertension or high blood pressure.


* Severe headache which is not like the usual pain.

* Pain (neck)

* Light sensitivity

* Seizures

* Loss of consciousness

* Nausea and vomiting

It is advisable to have regular check up in order to prevent this kind of condition. This way, you can ensure to have a healthy brain and longer life.

  1. June 9, 2017

    Many aneurysms occur in deep inside the chest, abdomen or brain. The symptoms of an aneurysm can vary widely and depend on its location and size. Brain aneurysms can cause pain around the eye or numbness on one side of the face.

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