Tobi is a medication ampule for nebulization. The generic name is Tobramycin In 0.225% NaCl. It is mainly used by people who suffered from inherited lung infection condition. The condition has a certain bacteria known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The inherited condition is called cystic fibrosis that produces mucus (sticky & thick). These can plug up the lungs ducts, tubes, and passageways. If such case happens, the patient will have difficulty in breathing and can also lead to lung infections.

Tobi is part of a drug class called aminoglycosides antibiotics. The inhalation solution functions by stopping the growth of some bacteria that usually give infections of the lungs to those with cystic fibrosis. The effect of the drug is to decrease the damage and infection of the lungs which can help to breathe to normalize.

Method of using the medication for nebulization

Prior to starting out the medicine, it is best to read well the leaflet of the drug given by the pharmacist. This can only be used through a nebulizer. Doing so can change the liquid solution to a mist that the patient will inhale. Children are required to ask the help of an adult to properly use the medication. Other relevant questions can be asked to the pharmacist, doctor, health care professional.

This is intended to used every 12 hours or depending on what the doctor prescribed. Each treatment usually lasts for 15 minutes approximately. It may be given for 28 days in a row then the next 28 days without it. It can be repeated until the doctor says so. Take into account that each ampule is only good for one-time use.

It is not advisable to mix the medication with other medicines when using the nebulizer. To ensure maximum effectiveness, it is best to use it during the same time each day. Before use, inspect the ampule as its normal color is slightly yellow yet may darken with age.

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  1. November 27, 2018

    Tobi is also online clothes shop, as well as an aminoglycoside (ah-meen-oh-GLY-ko-side) antibiotic. This medicine is made to fight infections caused by bacteria. Tobi is used with a nebulizer, often inhaled into the lungs. This medicine inhalation is used to treat lung infections in patients with cystic fibrosis.

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