Fasting is not good for everybody. Some people are weaker; they feel bad and nauseated without food, especially when it comes to children, those with eating disorders, elderly and anyone with overall bad health. It can be good for weight-loss and to clean the body from toxins, but that’s about it, doctors claim.

If you shiver when you skip a meal, fasting is not for you. Some people need less food than others and it comes easy for them to fast. How dangerous it depends on the overall health: blood count, weight, metabolism, even mental state. If you do decide to try fasting to detox the body or for religious reasons, make sure to go get checked by a doctor often. Some medical workers even say that fasting is not good for anything except to lose weight.

Whatever you decide, make sure you not to starve yourself for too long because your body will suffer, also your mind. A fast shouldn’t be that hard if done properly, but your body could burn muscles instead of fat if you fast for too long. Moderation is the key.

  1. November 26, 2016

    There is no single approach to detoxifying the body, losing weight or anything else in life, that’s why this is accurate that fasting can be dangerous for some people. While it can clean the body of some people, prolonged periods without food could damage health of weaker people. Someone will lose weight, and someone will weaken and eat even more after the fast. It’s important to listen to your body.

  2. February 8, 2017

    This is true that fasting can be dangerous and it’s not good everyone. This is so important to hear your body and then take what you want. If you ignore your body words you will be sick very soon. By the way, all the words about fasting are impressive to me. Thanks!

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