To release tight hip flexors, a good way is to do it with a medicine ball. A regular ball can serve if you don’t have a medicine ball. Place yourself on toes and forearms. Put the ball directly under your hip flexors. If you’re someone who runs or cycles often, this part of your body may become stiff and cause troubles with legs, as well as lower back.

In this position, shift all your weight to the medicine ball. Turn the toes of the leg that you’re stretching to the outside. Rolling around a little bit on your medicine ball will help you find a trigger point, and when you do find it, spend about a minute to a minute and a half holding still before you switch it to the other side.

Another good position is kneeling hip flexor stretch. This is not suitable for people with knee problems or injuries. By standing on one knee, step forward with the other leg. Distribute the weight equally to both legs. The lower leg is placed well on the ground. Tighten your gluteus maximus (also known as butt muscle) and press the thigh that you’re stretching forward. You will feel your toes pressing the floor at this moment. The back is flat. This position should be held about 30 seconds.

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