hip flexors

For many people across the world who are suffering from lower back problems, a reason for the pain can be tight hip flexors.

Sitting for a long time and activities like jogging or cycling can lead to tight hip flexor muscles and imbalances which can contribute to lower back pain. If your work requires a lot of sitting, make sure to stand up, walk through the office and stretch a bit if there’s a possibility for it.

Tight hip flexors can create an anterior pull on the pelvis also known as an anterior pelvic tilt. This is what causes lower back pain. The tilt shortens hip flexor muscles which are causing tight hips. This can cause you to slouch and can also compromise the good posture. It becomes difficult to sit and maintain good posture.

For people who exercise a lot and overwork their muscles, this is quite a common problem. Several lower body stretches can loosen tight hips and relieve back pain if done properly.

  1. May 20, 2018

    Lower body stretches can help to loosen tight hips and this can automatically mean less back pain. If tight hip flexors are ruining your life quality and causing lower back pain, try different stretching methods, as stretching is proven to work when it comes to back pain.

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