Mother potty training daughter (2-3)

Regular bowel movements are a big part of our children’s health. Regular and healthy bowel movements will vary from child to child. One child may go more than once a day, while others may skip a day or two.

Healthy bowel movements can be encouraged in several ways:

• Give your child foods rich in fiber, such as vegetables
• Offer plenty of water
• Make sure the child stays active through the entire day
• Make sure to teach a child not to hold a bowel movement
• Avoid calling poop stinky or disgusting, it can make a child self-conscious
• Be careful with giving candy to a child as too much sugar can make poop firm and hard to pass

Constipation can occur if bowel movements are passed less than you’re used to. If stools are hard due to sugar and a bad diet, they’re difficult to pass and the child may get discouraged.

Most toddlers have a soft bowel movement every one to three days. Toddlers’ poop in different patterns; it’s not that uncommon for a child to go twice or even three times a day, once every two or three days, or for some children — just once or twice a week.

Source: CaringforKids

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