Did you know that acne, eczema, bad skin, food intolerance, cancer, lifestyle and age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease all have one thing in common – inflammation? A little bit of inflammation is good, like in cases when you have a wound that needs to heal or an infection that the body needs to get rid of.

But if you consume foods that are too high in animal protein, processed foods, or carbohydrates, it can cause chronic inflammation in your body. Chronic inflammation is what causes most diseases. The good thing is that the damage is reversible. You can improve your health and the quality of your life with a good diet.

This is probably hard for most people to get rid of, but the first thing you should stop consuming to decrease and get rid of inflammation is white bread since white flour is a highly processed food. Obvious junk food such as pizza, ice-cream, and candy should be consumed as little as possible. It’s almost impossible to get rid of this delicious food, just make sure that 90 percent of your diet consists of fruit, vegetables, fish, healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts and seeds.

The best foods to fight inflammations are berries, tomatoes, mushrooms, cinnamon, turmeric, red bell peppers, ginger, garlic, and red wine (in moderation). As long as you keep it at two glasses t most, you’re doing a good thing with your body. When you fix our diet, you’ll notice many positive changes such as better skin, and having more energy, among other things.

  1. August 19, 2018

    There are many anti-aging foods that help to nourish your body for a glow that comes from within. The health benefits of watercress don’t disappoint! Red bell peppers are also loaded with antioxidants which reign supreme when it comes to anti-aging. Apart from them Papaya, Blueberries, Broccoli, Spinach and Nuts are some of the foods that fight the inflammation in your body and also bring the glow from inside.

  2. October 30, 2018

    Some anti-aging foods that are highly beneficial include:
    Watercress – The health benefits of watercress won’t disappoint
    Red bell pepper – They are loaded with antioxidants
    Some other anti aging foo are papaya, blueberries, broccoli. spinach, nuts, avocado, and many others.

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