Prickly heat is the other term for heat rash. This kind of rashes does not only affect babies. When the heat is on, even adults can be affected too.

The rash develops when the sweat ducts or pores are blocked under the skin. The symptoms can range from red lumps, deep blisters. The prickly or intense itch can also be experienced.

Other than the above symptoms, adults are also likely to have heat rash in skin folds where friction is caused by some clothing. For babies, rashes can mostly be found on her neck, shoulders, chest, armpit, elbow creases, groin parts.

It is time for a checkup when the symptoms, especially among babies, last longer than the usual and the appearance of the rashes get worse. There can also be infections like the presence of fever, chills, pus that drains from lesions, swelling, pain, and others.

To help prevent the likelihood of getting such rashes, avoiding tight clothes, overdressing and keeping the body cool during the summer can be helpful.


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