keto hair loss

Hair loss is a frequent occurrence among low carb dieters because of the increased stress that comes with large dietary changes. This is a temporary annoyance for keto dieters and a setback on the diet, according to the practices. Hair loss mostly happens three to six months after any major dietary change and only a small percentage of the hair falls out.

The condition is known as “telogen effluvium” and any major stressor can cause it including weight loss due to a low-caloric intake in keto diet. Another possible cause for hair loss on a keto diet is lack of protein in the diet as hair is made up mostly of protein.

Try to eat a balanced diet if possible and avoid stress. About 10 percent of those on extreme diet regimens can cause hair loss possibly due to a lack of nutrients like B vitamins and silica. There’s a belief that the ‘stress’ of ketosis (the principle by which fat is burned in keto diet) causes hair loss. As soon as you start keto diet, you can start taking supplements to avoid hair loss in the first place.

  1. January 6, 2019

    Temporary hair loss can occur for many different reasons, including any big dietary change. This is especially common when severely restricting calories but it can also occasionally happen on low-carb diets. If so, it usually starts 3-6 months after starting a new diet, at which point you’ll notice an increasing amount of hairs falling out when brushing your hair. However, the good news is that even if you should be so unfortunate this is only a temporary phenomenon. And only a percentage of the hair will fall out.

  2. January 7, 2019

    It’s an awesome article with lots of information! Hair loss is a common occurrence with low carb dieters mainly due to the increased stress that comes with large dietary changes. Luckily, this is a temporary setback on the keto diet. It usually happens three to six months after any new diet and only a small percentage of your hair will fall out. Thanks and keep posting things like this.

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