Multiple Sclerosis is a medical condition in which the protective layer of nerves is damaged by the immune system. It is a disease which can be treated with medicines as well as with physical therapy. However, there are also some other methods that can ease the agony of MS. These are primarily related to the movement of the muscle.
A patient with MS should try the following on a regular basis:
Stretching: Do a series of stretches at least twice a week. Pay special attention to muscles that tend to get tight and spasm, like the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. As you stretch, slowly move each muscle into position. Hold the position for up to 1 minute. Then gently release it.
Strength training: To keep your muscles strong, work them with light weights or exercise bands a couple of times a week. If you get a muscle spasm in the middle of your routine, stop and wait a few minutes for it to relax. Also, stop if you feel any pain. Exercise should never hurt.
Exercise as often as you can without tiring yourself out.
Source: WebMD

  1. December 3, 2017

    Few months back, one of my friends was suffering from multiple sclerosis. and he managed to suppress the symptoms and slower down the progression of disease through medication and regular physiotherapy. To help relieve the signs and symptoms try to get plenty of rest and exercise. If you have mild to moderate multiple sclerosis, regular exercise can help improve your strength, muscle tone, balance and coordination.

  2. December 5, 2017

    You have to conscious about something like: 1. Get plenty of rest. 2. If you have mild to moderate MS, regular exercise can help improve your strength, muscle tone, balance, and coordination. 3. MS symptoms often worsen when your body temperature rises. 4. Try to eat a balanced diet 5. Relieve stress. Now, I am going to share this article on my social media pages so my friends and followers can see it.

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