migraine types

The two most common migraine types include a migraine with aura and migraine without aura.

Migraine with Aura once called complicated migraine, is a type of a migraine which involves visual disturbances and other symptoms that appear up to an hour before an actual migraine and usually last no more than an hour. A person can temporarily lose vision. Less frequent symptoms of a migraine with aura include tingling, numbness or muscle weakness on one side of the body, speech difficulties, and confusion. Symptoms that precede to a headache are nausea, loss of appetite, and increased sensitivity to light, sounds, or noise.

Migraine without Aura, once called a common migraine, is the most frequent type of a migraine and the symptoms include moderate to severe pulsating headache pain usually just on one side of the head. It comes with blurred vision, confusion, fatigue, nausea, mood changes, as well as increased sensitivity to sounds and light. These headaches usually last four to 72 hours and are repeated a few times a year to even a few times per week in severe and chronic cases of migraines. This type of migraine is prone to worsen with frequent use of migraine medication.

  1. December 30, 2018

    My next door neighbor and friend has a severe chronic migraine, with Aura, it’ so difficult to watch her around the house when the headache strikes, and it occurs every week. She wonders with a scarf tied around the head. I always wonder how it is and thank goodness I don’t have the migraines.

  2. December 31, 2018

    There are different types of migraine, but not everyone will have ‘typical’ migraine. 70-90% of people experience migraine without aura. In this the headache is usually on one side of the head with a throbbing or pulsating pain which affects your normal daily life and will worsen when you take everyday exercise such as walking or climbing stairs. However, migraine with aura is a neurological symptom of migraine, most commonly visual disturbances.

  3. January 18, 2019

    Great information! The two major categories are migraine with aura and migraine without aura (formerly known as “common migraines”). “Aura” usually includes visual symptoms like seeing lines, shapes, or flashes. Just a quick note to tell you that I have a passion for the topic at hand. Thanks anyway!

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