moebius syndrome treatment

Moebius syndrome is a neurological disease that a person is born with. There is no specific Moebius syndrome treatment because it is individual for every patient, it’s supportive and in accordance with the symptoms that a person experiences.

Infants often require feeding tubes or specially made bottles to get sufficient nutrition. Plastic surgery may improve limb function, correct jaw deformities, and correct crossed eyes, but unfortunately, it can’t improve facial muscle function.

Moebius syndrome has several other names as well. It is also known as Mobius syndrome, Moebius/Möbius sequence, congenital ophthalmoplegia and facial paresis, congenital facial diplegia, Moebius congenital oculofacial paralysis, and Mobius spectrum.

The exact incidence of this rare disease is unknown, but researchers estimate that it affects between one in 50,000 to 1 in 500,000 babies. With a proper medical care within the first year of their lives, individuals with Moebius syndrome – those without other serious and life-threatening complications – usually have a normal life expectancy. You can learn more about the condition on the official website of the Moebius syndrome Foundation.

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