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Heart health must always be prioritized by any person. Several factors can contribute to a poor heart. Of course, usually, others may relate the disease to genetics. However, on the whole, it all depends on what the person does to his life. Heart conditions can be a result of poor lifestyle. It is likely that the person is exposed to pollution, smoking cigarettes, too much intake of alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and the like.

Considering that most people are aware of the bad effects of neglecting one’s health, it is best to always stay healthy. The best way to a healthy heart is to exercise regularly, eat fruits and vegetables and refrain from vices. Of course, it is natural that the ways to get things done can easier be said than done. Even if that is the case, it is better to do what’s right than to be sorry.

Conditions of the heart are mostly traitor once it attacks. There are people who do not feel any symptoms at all then suddenly would experience a heart attack and die. Thus, it is advisable to always check the blood pressure, blood sugar level and other heart activity tests. With such, you can be aware of what is happening within your body.

  1. September 22, 2016

    Bad diet is the top one cause of heart failure. Imbalanced cholesterol levels are top cause of heart strokes. Stress and smoking are common causes too. Living a healthy lifestyle, with daily physical activity can prolong the lifespan but can’t guarantee you won’t have a heart failure at one moment, because genes play an important role to. Live a healthy life so you won’t blame yourself for whatever happens, and what’s inevitable will happen anyway.

  2. September 23, 2016

    Heart disease is really tricky. You can be a vegan who runs ten miles a day and still have a heart attack and die. Exercise because it’s awesome, not because it will make you immortal, because it won’t!!

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