Saggy or loose skin can be quite frustrating to see. Having such can surely lower the self-esteem of a person especially women. When this occurs, it can a challenge to reverse it.

Some of the usual causes of loose skin include pregnancy, weight loss, and aging. The usual body parts to experience saggy skin are in the face, neck, stomach, arms, buttocks, and legs.

Cosmetic surgery is a common way to manage it. But when it is not a choice for the person, there are other things to try like exercise, slimming down, the use of firming products, massage, and other non-surgical procedures.

* Weight training exercise. This method can build muscle mass. It can help to minimize the appearance of the saggy skin particularly if the cause is weight loss.

* Try to lose weight by regular work out and eating healthy meals.

* Use firming products. The effect of using this product can be subtle but it can help to make the appearance of loose skin better like keeping it hydrated.

* Massaging the area. By doing this method, blood flow will increase and it can help evoke an anti-aging response.

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  1. August 10, 2019

    Sagging skin can be a side effect of the aging process part and parcel to the fine lines and wrinkles that develop over time as skin loses elasticity and collagen production declines. One of the best ways to prevent sagging skin on your forehead is a quick massage. A gentle massage helps to tone the underlying muscles and provides increased support for the top layers of your skin.

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