Water therapy is quite famous these days. This type of treatment works well for common colds, cough, headache, diarrhea, fever and the like. However, one country claimed that this can also be beneficial to those with high blood pressure, diabetes, gastric acid, tuberculosis, and even cancer. The only requirement is to drink water upon…

dehydration sign

We are made mostly out of the water. Without water, our bodies couldn’t survive. It is found inside all cells and blood vessels. When more fluids leave the body than enter it, the process is called dehydration. Even mild dehydration can cause lethargy, headaches, and constipation. Some common causes of dehydration are long-lasting diarrhea and…

Senior Airman Kevin Iinuma poors water over his head to cool off after exercising outside Wilford Hall Medical Center July 5. Exercising in extreme heat is not recommended and certain precautions should be taken to prevent heat related illnesses. Airman Iinuma is a medical photographer for the 59th Medical Wing.  (U.S. Air Force Photo/SSgt Josie Walck)

In a tropical country, a life-threatening condition called heat stroke can also happen to people. This is a very serious injury caused by too much heat. It is a medical emergency that if left untreated can lead to death. Once heat stroke happens to a person, it can cause brain damage and internal organ injury….

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