Even though it might sound weird, ponytail headaches are a fact! This is when normal and everyday sensations like having your hair up in a ponytail cause pressure and pain. Ponytail headache is a type of external compression headache, meaning it’s caused by a stimulus that is placed outside your head. One can also get…


Headaches can occur because of depression. Causes can include emotional, physical and psychic. Treatment includes diagnosis of depression and then treatment of a headache. Physicians usually prescribe tricyclic antidepressants, SSRIs or monoamine oxidize inhibitors for depression and headache. Eye strain headaches are usually frontal and can be bilateral. The pain is mainly due to eyestrain….

sinus headaches

If you often experience that stuffy nose feeling and pain that simply won’t go away, it’s probably more than a common cold. This kind of pain usually develops into pain along the nasal bridge, up to the forehead. Pressure caused by sinus infections can block the passageway for air and mucus, thus causing pain and…

Ice cream headche

Ice cream headaches occur when a person eats or drink something cold or inhales something cold. Digging into the ice cream is a common trigger, but other things can also cause ice cream headaches such as ice pops and frozen slushy drinks. They can have the brain-freeze effect. Ice cream headaches are also known as…

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