The adolescent stage is a very exciting phase for any person. This is the stage when period, usually starts, development of admiration of the opposite sex, strengthening of friendship bonds and others. Sadly, this is also the most common stage when that first red dot on the face exists. This is a pimple or acne….


People may say that acne only happens during puberty. Sadly, it does not. Acne can happen from teenage life and may persist or come and go until adulthood. Yes, there are still men and women who suffer from acne even during their 30s, 40s, and so on. It is a sad reality that many people…


People these days both men and women may suffer from acne. Those who had it during puberty years may call it teenage acne due to hormonal changes that happen caused by menstruation and other emotional changes. The thing is, there is even what they call adult acne that does not exist during teenage years but…


Clear skin is a dream for most women. With the pollution, stress and other factors, to get clearer skin may only stay as a dream for most people. It is because acne breakouts are quite common not just for women but even for men. Hence, it is best to always take care of the skin…

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