Walking is amazing not only for our physical but also our mental health. The best thing about it is the fact that it’s free and requires minimal effort but provides numerous benefits. A few recent studies from the University of Exeter found that a short walk lasting only 15 minutes can reduce chocolate cravings and…

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Aerobic exercise is known to benefit the heart, but researchers say that an aerobic workout may also build the brain. Regular aerobic exercise such as walking may protect the memory center in the brain, while stretching exercise may cause the center — called the hippocampus — to shrink, researchers reported. In a randomized study involving…

Cardio Exercises

There are various kinds of exercises. The most common are known as cardiovascular exercise. This type of exercise, when done on a regular basis, can help improve the overall health of not just the heart but even the lungs. It means that both organs can function at its best by engaging in such physical activity….

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