Premenstrual syndrome or PMS is definitely painful. It happens a few days prior to the start of menstruation or period of a woman. In short, this can also occur each month. PMS can occur to more than 90% of women and the symptoms vary from headaches, mood swings, aching lower stomach part, bloating, irritability and the like. Give such, it is truly hard to experience this syndrome.

During the time when a woman experiences PMS, it is better to rest, eat healthy food options and stay hydrated. Exercise and yoga can also help alleviate their symptoms.

The real cause of the syndrome is unknown. For those who are under stress, smoking, do not have enough physical activity may be at risk to experience worse symptoms of PMS.

When PMS strikes, some cannot tolerate the pain and result in taking pain relievers. It is fine so long as it is not taken excessively. Keeping in mind that too much pain relievers can damage the liver.

  1. October 12, 2019

    Though PMS generally means pre-menstrual syndrome that usually happens in women 3-4 days before their monthly cycle begins, but for me PMS remains pre, during as well as post menstrual cycle. The details you shared in this article are really helpful, but I request you to please share some more relevant information on how to deal with this symptoms effectively.

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