The condition called dwarfism is short stature. It is when the height of an adult is only at 4 feet 10 inches or below. This is caused by a genetic or medical condition. There are some groups that when an adult can stand up to 5 feet tall though dwarfism on adults only stands at 4 feet.

Proportionate dwarfism is caused by metabolic and hormonal disorders. This type of dwarfism leads to growth hormone deficiency.

Skeletal dysplasias which are genetic is the most common type of this condition. The disease has abnormal bone growth.


With X-rays and physical exam, some types of dwarfism can be evident starting from the utero during pregnancy, at birth or while still a baby. In addition, prenatal testing can also be performed.




* Shunt insertion that can help to drain excess fluid

* Tracheotomy in order to help small airways breathing

* Corrective surgeries

* Widening of spinal canal surgery in order to relieve compression of the spinal cord


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