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Fibromyalgia syndrome affects the muscles and soft tissue. Symptoms include chronic muscle pain, fatigue, sleep problems, and painful tender points or trigger points, which can be relieved through medications, lifestyle changes, and stress management.

Because the classic symptoms of fibromyalgia — widespread muscle and joint pain and fatigue — aren’t very distinctive, the condition is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. You may not have all of the symptoms, and you may have other medical problems, too.

Since there are no lab or imaging tests for it, when you go to get a diagnosis, your doctor will ask about your symptoms to decide if you have fibromyalgia.

Common Symptoms and Related Conditions
Many people with fibro — also called fibromyalgia syndrome or FMS — may have:

1. Pain and tender points
2. Fatigue
3. Sleep problems
4. Concentration and memory problems, known as “fibro fog”
5. Anxiety or depression
6. Morning stiffness
7. Numbness, and tingling in hands, arms, feet, and legs
8. Headaches
9. Irritable bowel syndrome
10. Problems with peeing

Almost all people with fibromyalgia ache all over. It can feel similar to osteoarthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis, but it’s over your entire body. This is usually what makes you go see your doctor.

Source: WebMD

  1. December 25, 2017

    Fibromyalgia is a disorder that causes aches and pain all over the body. People with fibromyalgia also have tender points throughout their bodies. Tender points are specific places on the neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms, and legs that hurt when pressure is put on them. It is the second most common condition affecting your bones and muscles, and rather than hurting in a specific area, the pain and stiffness affects the entire body.

  2. December 28, 2017

    The classification criteria, established by the American College of Rheumatology includes a history of widespread pain in all four quadrants of the body for a minimum of three months, and pain in at least 11 of the 18 designated tender points when a specified amount of pressure is applied.

  3. January 22, 2018

    By experts opinion that Fibromyalgia is a long-lasting or chronic disorder that causes muscle pain and fatigue (feeling tired) and it is very critical. The symptoms of fibromyalgia are pain and tenderness throughout your body. You have to discuss with an expert and it would be the best solution. Thanks for the posting and keep posting things like this.

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