Tymlos generic name is abaloparatide. It belongs to parathyroid hormone analogs class. The solution is available for SC injection with 80mcg/40mcl dosage. It is available in a prefilled pen which can deliver 30 daily doses of 80mcg.

Its main use is to treat women in their postmenopausal stage who are at risk to develop osteoporosis. They are at risk for fracture. It is defined as the osteoporotic fracture history, several risk factors to have a fracture or those who were not able to tolerate other treatment intended to cure osteoporosis.

Women in their postmenopausal stage diagnosed with osteoporosis got clinical tests which showed that the level of abaloparatide was able to decrease the risk of developing vertebral and non-vertebral fractures.

The cumulative use of abaloparatide and PTHor parathyroid hormone analogs for less than 2 years are not suggested.

If in case the patient has not enough vitamin D and calcium in their diet, they need to take those in supplement form.

Side effects

Patients receiving this medication may experience some of these symptoms like redness at the injection site, hypercalciuria, headache, dizziness, edema at the site of injection, Nausea, fatigue, vertigo, palpitations.


The drug caused an increase in dose dependency with osteosarcoma incidence when used on rats. The observed effect is based on systemic exposure to the drug that ranges from 4-28 times the human exposure who acquired 80mcg dose. Thus, it was known that the drug can cause the malignant bone tumor called osteosarcoma in humans.

Of course, this is not intended for pregnant and lactating women.

Preparation SC

The solution is clear and colorless. It needs to be inspected prior to use as there can be discoloration. If it is cloudy and colored, make sure to dispose of the solution. This is why only health care professionals should administer the drug.

Administration SC

It is administered to the abdomen’s periumbilical region. The injection site needs to be rotated every day. It needs to be given at the same time each day.

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  1. March 18, 2018

    TYMLOS is a prescription medicine used to decrease the chance of having a fracture of the spine and other bones in postmenopausal women with thinning and weakening bones. It is a daily injection with a pen. ” The pen needle is about the length of an eyelash. ” After first use no refrigeration is required, so you can take it with you for up to 30 days at room temperature. ” The pen has enough medicine in it for 30 days.

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