Morphine is considered a very potent painkiller that is for severe pain like after an operation or a major injury. It can also be given to those suffering from pain due to cancer or even for heart attack.

This can also be given if the weaker dosage of other painkillers no longer take effect. However, this type of painkiller is not readily available to anyone as it can be addicting. It requires a doctor’s prescription to get one.

The typical forms are capsules, tablets, suppositories, granules and even an injection. Take into account that injections are only administered in the hospital.

The capsule/tablet form is slow acting as the medicine requires 12 to 24 hours until it is fully released in the body. Suppositories can be prescribed to those who are unable to swallow liquids or tablets. Injection form can be the fastest acting among the types.


Things to remember

* Sleepiness, constipation and feeling sick are the most common side effects.

* The action of morphine is to block pain signals to travel to the nerves of the brain.

* It is not ideal to drink alcohol while taking morphine as it can increase the possible chances of experiencing side effects.

* The other brand names of morphine are MXL, MST, Sevrdol, Zomorph, Morphgesic or Oramorph.


Who can take it?

The medicine can be taken by anyone. The only thing is that babies, kids, and older patients are more at risk to experience side effects.


Who cannot take it?

Of course, this drug may not be suitable for some like those with:


* Allergic reactions

* Lung problem

* Difficulties in breathing

* Kidney/Liver issues

* Enlarged prostate

* Anemic

* Low thyroid levels


This is also not recommended for use by expectant women or breastfeeding. If intending to get pregnant, your physician must know about it.


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  1. September 29, 2018

    My uncle received extremely high doses of morphine both times when he had heart attach. His doctor said that he haven’t seen a patient experiencing so much pain for a long time. He said that his dose of morphine could be enough for two other patients.

  2. October 27, 2018

    Great reading so far! I have pleased to read this post. By experts opinion that Morphine may be habit-forming, especially with prolonged use. Your doctor will adjust your dose carefully to control your pain and decrease. Thank you so much and keep posting things like this.

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