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One of the healthiest nations – the Japanese – have the longest life expectancy and are one of the countries with the lowest obesity rates. According to science, this is mostly because of their diet. While the obesity rates across the world vary between 15 and 30 percent (which is quite high), Japan is keeping this number at just 3.6 percent.

Eastern cuisines are mostly rich in carbs, and low in saturated fats and dairy products. If you want to be healthy for a long time, a secret to this is eating fruits and vegetables, and preparing your meals at home. Fast food that is highly available on the streets has apparently made western civilization highly addicted.

“Fast food” in Japan resembles home cooking much more than it resembles the western fast food chains. They have these too, but they’ve been taught from early childhood about the importance of nutrition. In fact, children in elementary school have nutrition classes that prepare them well for the future.

Source: BrightSide

  1. October 29, 2018

    They always say that teaching a man how to fish provides him food for the future, unlike when you just hand him the fish. This can be applied here as well.

  2. October 30, 2018

    People in the East usually have lower obesity rates than the Western world, except of large cities in China. I think it’s because of the genetics mostly, they are petite and it’s probably hard fr them to get obese, but also they live healthier than we do in America. They drink a lot of green tea, the real one, of a good quality, and prep their food at home most of the days. Young people are active, cycle a lot everywhere, etc. Cars are not used so much as we use them.

  3. October 31, 2018

    I read this in a research that more than one billion adults are overweight worldwide, and more than 300 million of them clinically obese. But, only 3.6 percent of Japanese have a body mass index over 30, which is the international standard for obesity, whereas 32.0 percent of Americans do.The Japanese are also far more physically active than Americans, but not because they do more planned physical exercise. They walk more as part of their daily lives.

  4. November 11, 2018

    Amazing reading so far! In Japan, only 3.6 percent of people have a BMI over 30, compared to 27 percent … Almost all Japanese food tends to be low calorie, and very low in fat. … By eating with chopsticks, you effectively slow down the sheer rate. By the way, the reading is impressive. Thanks anyway!

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