Most people eat foods high in sugar and fat. Research has shown that only sugar and fat make up about 800 of our daily calories. That’s almost half, and it’s too much. Most of our “bad” calories and extra weight come from grain-based desserts, bread, fried meats, sweet drinks, and alcohol.

We take a healthy piece of food like chicken meat and turn it into a caloric bomb by frying it. After a good workout, we buy a caloric energy drink to replenish the electrolytes instead of simply eating a banana or making a smoothie. Unfortunately, fruit and vegetables are barely on the menus in average man diet and they should be most common. You shouldn’t have more than 120 calories of processed sugars and solid fat per day.

There’s a rough rule of thumb how big portions of each food should be. A piece of meat should not be bigger than a deck of cards, and you don’t have to eat meat every day. One serving of mashed potatoes looks as big as a tennis ball, but in restaurants, it is often double in size and topped with salt, dairy, and fat for extra calories. One portion of pasta is half the cup. A pancake shouldn’t be bigger than a CD. One serving of cheese is four dices, one being the same size as a real game dice. Serving of peanut butter and mayo shouldn’t exceed two (and one) teaspoons.

  1. May 13, 2018

    Nobody cares for servings anymore. I have family members who eat several spoons of mayo with just one sandwich, and spoil great and healthy foods such as eggs with mayo too. Nobody walks anywhere, we’re constantly in our cars and sitting down at home. An who works out? Yore called a lunatic now if you jog or something.

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